How can I get the full execution log of a Directive the is in error state in a node?

Christian 1 year ago • updated by Alexis Mousset 12 months ago 4

When a Directive is in error state, is there any way to get the full log of the commands executed to investigate which was the problem?

I only get messages like "Job failed on last completed execution"

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You may see some details about what happened on a node in its ouput files

Those files are located on the Node in /var/rudder/cfengine-community/outputs

There is one for each agent run but I don't know if you will find the information you need ...

Maybe you can get more information by running the agent with more details:

To run in info mode: rudder agent run -i

To run in verbose (but it's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery verbose) : rudder agent run -v

Is it a JobScheduler technique ??

Hi Vince,

I try with Scheduled jobs and Command Execution, but I have the same problem with any Technique.

I need to see the full commands output en server side.

Going to look logs in nodes is not an option for me, I have about 200 nodes, all of them behind firewalls and without direct ssh connection, (each node is a server from a customer of my products).

I'm testing Rudder and Puppet + TheForeman.

In puppet you can get a full log of command execution in server side with something like:

exec { 'user_command':
    path      => '/usr/bin',
    command   => 'some commnand',
    logoutput => 'true',

I'm trying to get the same in Rudder but I can't.

It is posible?