"WARN: Task frequency is set too low" in rudder webapp logs

If you see in your Rudder /var/logs/rudder/webapp/***.log file the warning message:

[2016-01-27 10:16:35] WARN  application - [Store Agent Run Times] Task frequency is set too low! Last task took 8818 ms but tasks are scheduled every 5000 ms. Adjust rudder.batch.storeAgentRunTimes.updateInterval if this problem persists.

It means that saving information related to new agent runs (run time, etc) took more than the period between to trigger of the save task. If the message appears only once in a while, the problem is most likely due to a load spike on the server, and you can safely ignore it.

If the message appears regularly, or worse continuously, then there is something to investigate:

  • Perhaps PostgreSQL database is not optimised for the number of managed nodes? See our performance tuning guidelines.
  • You can also attempt to increase the period between two save job by modifying the following property in /opt/rudder/etc/rudder-web.properties:
    rudder.batch.storeAgentRunTimes.updateInterval=5 # time in seconds

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