How to write new knowledge base entries?

The following rules must be followed when writing entries in the knowledge base:

  • This knowledge base is meant for transverse topics (like versioning) or for special cases (non-standard usage, common issues, ...). If the content you want to add is part of Rudder's standard usage documentation, you should consider adding it into the user manual instead.
  • The title of the article should be a question to keep an FAQ style for all general information entries. For troubleshooting entries, the title should be a description of the issue like "The agents fails when trying to edit read-only files".
  • Each article should begin by a description of the context (Rudder version, platform, etc.) and an explanation of the subject.
  • We should never have to duplicate content between documentation sources (manual, knowledge base, website), and we should instead strive to maintain links between the knowledge base and the manual (like for reference or architecture documentation), to let the user go further when needed.
  • You should always check before if there is already a related entry, and if so, improve it instead of creating another one.

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