When are versions published and how long are they maintained?

Rudder versioning

Rudder versions look like X.Y.Z (for example, 4.1.2).

  • Z version increments (X.Y.Z1 –> X.Y.Z2, for example 5.0.2 to 5.0.3) are minor bug fix only releases. They can be considered as stable as the previous release, as we make a lot of effort to reduce the amount of changes that go into these versions. A full changelog is always available. Upgrading your Rudder version to the latest minor release is always recommended, and is designed to be easy. They are released every few weeks.
  • Y or X version increments are major releases. These versions include new features, and the amount of changed code can be considerable. An upgrade path from one major version to next will always be provided, but may not be between two non-consecutive versions (ie, upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2 is supported, and from 4.2 to 4.3 is too, but upgrading directly from 4.1 to 4.3 may not be – check the Upgrading section of the User Manual for specifics). They are released every few months.

Rudder life cycle

A maintained version is a major version for which we release minor bug fix releases and communicate about security vulnerabilities.

  • Our general policy is to maintain major releases until 3 months after the next major version is released to give some time for upgrading.
  • For a slower major upgrade pace, Rudder subscription provides (among other benefits) long-term maintenance up to 24 months after release (depending on the subscription level) for Rudder versions. You can read more about it on the subscription page on rudder.io.

Note: The ESR tag was previously given to major releases that were maintained 6 months after the next ESR version was announced. Rudder 4.1 is the last ESR release, extended maintenance is now provided as part of Rudder subscription.

You can subscribe to the rudder-announce mailing-list to receive release and end of life announcements. Here is a table of all versions of Rudder, their status, release dates and planned maintenance termination date:

Version Status Release date Maintained until
5.0MaintainedOctober 2018
As yet unknown (at least 3 months from following version)
4.3 Maintained - planned EOL
April 2018

11th January 2019

4.2 End of life September 2017
Ended 20th July 2018
4.1 ESR
Maintained - planned EOL
March 2017

11th April 2019

4.0 End of life
November 2016
Ended 30th June 2017
3.2 End of life January 2016 Ended 10th February 2017
3.1 ESR End of life July 2015 Ended 22th December 2017
3.0 End of life February 2015 Ended 10th June 2016
2.11 ESR End of life
July 2014 Ended 10th September 2016
2.10 End of life March 2014 Ended 10th December 2015
2.9 End of life December 2013 Ended 30th June 2014
2.8 End of life November 2013 Ended 31st March 2014
2.7 End of life July 2013
Ended February 2014
2.6 End of life April 2013
Ended 16th December 2014
2.5 End of life January 2013
Ended July 2013
2.4 End of life December 2012
Ended January 2014
2.3 End of life October 2011
Ended June 2013

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