A part of the reports from a node is missing on the server

When the agent does not perform a normal execution, the reports
will be incomplete, and some components will appear as missing on the server. Reasons could be:

  • the execution of the agent encountered an error during its execution and could not complete. In this case, an error message is displayed when running rudder agent run. It is very likely a bug in the agent, please report a bug
  • the execution of the agent took more than the time between two executions. This leads to missing components at the end of the execution, likely only in one on two runs. You can check this by running "rudder agent run" and checking the execution time in the summary.
  • the agent is executed to launch specific bundles (with the -b option), or parametrized with a specific class (using the -D option)
  • reporting is missing on a Technique. You can check in the Compliance tab of your node's details to see if there are any Unexpected reports received by the server that could match the missing reports.
    • If there are matching Unexpected reports, that means the reports are probably incorrect and could not be correctly identified by the server. In this case, report a bug and provide the missing and unexpected reports you see in the Web interface.
    • If there are no Unexpected reports, that means the agent did not send the reports at all. In this case, report a bug and provide the section of "rudder agent run -v" that does not report correctly (you can grep your technique name for example)

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